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RV Mouse and Rodent Prevention

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Are you asking yourself “How do mice get into my RV?" You may not notice holes or gaps in the underbelly, tiny openings where pipes enter the RV or even a skinny gap in a door. A mouse can fit into a dime size hole, which means they can pretty much fit into any hole they want. Intrusions often occur while your RV is stored over the winter, when living in a cold climate state, rodents have a bigger incentive to find a warm home to survive the winter.

Common places for Mice and Rodents to enter a RV

  •  Cracks around doors
  •  Poorly sealed slide out rooms
  •  Gaps around plumbing or wiring
  •  Corners or cracks where walls meet
  •  Access panels for plumbing, electrical, etc.

Identifying entry points in your rv can prevent any mice or rodents from entry during the times your camper is not in use. Crawl under your RV to spot any gaps or holes from drains or wiring, even the smallest gaps are often large enough for a mouse to fit in.  Head inside your RV, open cabinets and closets to look for signs of sunlight. Also check access panels in the bathroom or other areas in your RV, remove the panel and take a look inside for potential entry points. Any gaps or holes that you find need to be sealed up, with either spray foam or RV Caulk.

No one likes the thought of these rodents taking up residence during the colder months. The damage a mouse can do, can sometimes require hefty repair work.  Upholstery, cushions, wiring, plastic and rubber lines are just a few of the thing a mouse will damage.     

The Next Questions to ask yourself is “how do I keep mice and rodents out of my RV?" Everyone has tried the home remedies, below is a list of some in-home solutions that have been effective for some RV owners.

Home Remedy Solutions

  • Fabric Softener sheets: Some RV owner spread dryer sheet all over there RV when it’s in storage to keep mice out.
  • Irish Spring Soap: surrounding the outside if you RV with Irish Spring Soap shaving. Mice supposedly hate the smell!
  • Peppermint Oil- Soaking cotton ball in peppermint oil and leaving the cotton balls in infested areas. The Cotton balls do have to be “refreshed” often.


The Most effective mouse repellent we have found is a product called “Mouse Free”. This is a lubricant that is applied to the undercarriage with the ability to repel mice. The “Mouse Free” contains a high concentration of menthol, witch rodents find the smell offensive and tend to exit the area before entering. Second, the lubrication creates a thin protective coating that mice and even insects can’t travel across. Mouse Free is a product that can be applied by our RV service department, along with a do-it-yourself kit that is available in our RV parts department. Contact Tri City RV Service today and make an appointment to become “­­­Mouse Free”




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Sunday, 21 October 2018

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