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Bay City, Michigan RV Storage


fifth wheel storage

  Boat storage 8x5 cargo trailer

Are you asking yourself where is there an RV storage near me? Well we have you covered. We offer outside camper storage, motor home storage, boat storage, and trailer storage. As of right now we do not offer any covered RV storage, or indoor RV storage, but we see it coming in the future! Our RV storage is getting more popular because of some of the new local RV parking and RV storage ordinances put into place. We offer daily storage, short term storage, and long term RV storage plans. To check our most recent RV storage rates and packages available, please call or email us with any questions about our RV storage in Bay City, MI.


RV Storage Rates/ Terms


Daily RV Storage

Daily- $25.00 Per Day

Short term RV storage

6 Month- $49.00 X 6= $294.00


Long term (Bulk) RV Storage  Best Value starburst 


12 Month-$44.00 X 12= $528.00  11 Starburst



24 Month-$35.00 X 24= $840.0028 STARBURST



Why wouldn't you store RV with us?

  • We can do all your RV maintenance and RV repair in between trips.
  • Don't have to worry about transporting RV between storage and service center for repairs, we are all in one package.
  • Our out of area clients use us because we are centrally located. Leaving their RV here saves them money on fuel hauling back down south, just to come back north the next weekend. 
  • Have more room in your yard or driveway this season.
  • We have great bulk RV storage rates.




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