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Michigan Travel Trailer Rentals

bay city michigan travel trailer rental

Here at Tri City RV we rent pop-up campers as well as travel trailers. We have a unique rental program where we offer Free delivery for up to 75 miles of our dealership. Check out our travel trailer requirements below.

Here are the Travel Trailer rental guidelines if "We-Tow" the RV:

Free Delivery

  • NO PETS IN UNIT                                               
  • RENTAL FEE:                                                                   

* Nightly Rate:           5 Night Minimum       $   150.00 / Night

 bay city michigan travel trailer rentalsNOTE: There Will Be No Sunday Delivery or Pick-Up Accomodations – Sorry For Any Inconvenience

  • Free delivery within 75 miles. ($1.50 per mile each way over 75 miles.)
  • Deposit Required:       $100.00
  • Destination:  Name & Address Needed at Time of Reservation
  • Balance of rental must be received at least 14 business days prior to the rental date.                   
  • Trailer is Recommended to have 30 AMP/110V Power - This is needed to run all amenities included with trailer. (Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Water Heater, Interior Lights, etc)
  • Accommodations Include:
  • Unit that will sleeps 6-8 people
  • Full Propane Tanksbay city michigan travel trailer rentals floorplan
  • Awning and Patio Mat
  • Water hose
  • Electrical Cord and Adapter
  • Full Use of Bathroom Facilities
  • Microwave, Refrigerator, A/C, Furnace


NOTE: You must supply your own bedding, pots and pans, dishes, towels, etc.

  • At the time of delivery, you will be given a complete demonstration of how everything works (A/C, refrigerator, awning, etc.) & a checklist to sign stating that you understand your renting responsibilities.
  • Cleaning Responsibilities Include:
    • Wipe down sinks/tub, clean stove, wipe out refrigerator, sweep/wipe floors, etc.

Any Questions of Concerns, Please Contact Us @ (989) 684-3123

Here are the travel trailer guidlines if "You-Tow" the RV:

bay city michigan travel trailer rentals you tow

  1. No Smoking
  2. No Pets

  3. Must have a valid Drivers License

  4. Must provide Valid proof of vehicle insurance

  5. Must Provide Major Credit Card

  6. Must be 21 Years of age

  7. Vehicle Tow Rating must exceed 5,000 lbs. total towing weight

Required Hitching: 

Wehicle must be equipped with class III towing receiver hitch, Weight Distribution hitch w/sway control and 2 5/16th hitch ball which needs to measure 20"-22" from ground to the top of ball.

Required Wiring: 
7 way round towing harness w/ Electric Brakes. 
If your vehicle does not have these options ask our personal for options. Weight Distribution Hitches and Break controls are available for rent. 

Travel Trailer Rental Rates:

  • Weekend Rate: $350.00

  • Depart: Friday after 1PM, before 3PM

  • Return: Monday by 10AM

  • Weekly Rate: $550.00

  • Additional Night: $75.00

  • Depart: Friday after 1PM, before 3PM

  • Return: Back by 11AM


 Refundable upon rental return after unit is inspected for damages and cleanliness.

  • $100.00- reservation deposit- Due at time of reservation

  • $100.00- Security Deposit

  • If Reservation is cancelled before 30 days of rental date 1/2 of deposit will be refunded. 

  • MAJOR CREDIT CARD REQUIRED- Will be kept on file with security deposit

  • Unit that sleeps up to 6

  • Full Propane Tank

  • Electrical Cord 1-25 Ft

  • Water Hose 25ft

  • Microwave, Refrigerator, A/C, Furnace, Awning. Etc...

  • Additional Accessories are available for rent. If interested please ask for details

You must supply your own bedding, pots, pans, dishes, towels, etc...
At time of pick up, you will be given a complete demonstration of how everything works (A/C,refrigerator, awning, ect..) & a checklist to sign stating that you understand your renting responsibilities. 
Cleaning responsibilities Include: 
Whip down sink/tub, clean stove, sweep/wipe floors, wipe out refrigerator, ect....Please return in Condition it was rented to you! Cleaning Fees May Apply.

Any questions of concerns, Please Contact us @ 989-684-3123


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*NOTE: This is an inquiry only. You will receive a return phone call in a timely manner, but for immediate assistance with booking please call 989-684-3123.

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